Hello and welcome!

My name is David (Chape) and I´m an IFBB Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Monitor and a fitness enthusiast.

I´ve been training for more than 15 years and I´ve helped people all around the world.

Due to multiple reasons, you may not have a personal trainer with in-person workouts at your disposal. You may need to rethink your approach.

While you may want someone to hold you accountable and tell you exactly what to do with those dumbbells, do you require the trainer to actually be there with you?

With an online personal trainer, you can get similar structure without being tied to a particular gym or workout time.

I will provide you with a customized exercise and nutrition plan to help you meet your unique fitness goals and work with almost any schedule.

Actually, an in-person trainer who has a date with you twice a week may not be monitoring you as closely.