Evernote is a powerful and versatile productivity tool. It´s ideal for networking and project management. You came here with a goal, a project, a dream of a better you. Together, we can work on it with Evernote.

The idea behind it´s quite simple. If you have ever trained, you´ve probably kept a training diary, where you wrote your workouts, meals, and so on.

We´ll use Evernote like your digital training diary, where you can note every single detail of your fitness journey, from the first repetition to the last bite of your meals. Everything is fully customizable for your needs, and sync on all your devices.

I´ll be watching you! Guiding you, advising you and supporting you all the way.



STEP 2: After payment, I send you a link to download Evernote. Once your personal account is created, you´ll get an exclusive notebook. This notebook contains your personalized calendar, workout, and meal plans. 




You get a custom program that evolves with your progress each month, daily coaching sessions to answer questions and provide support, and near constant contact with me.

Because it’s online, instead of only seeing your coach when you’re with them, I use technology to be accessible and responsive at all times.

STEP 3: Follow your workout and meal plans, and stay in touch via chat. Remember, I´m here to help you with your questions and struggles.

STEP 4: Achieve your goals.


Do I need a gym membership?

No. You can get fit at home.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

No. I´ll design your workouts around the equipment you have (dumbbells, bands, etc) or just body weight.

What kind of diet may I expect?

I´ll Fit Your Macros.