Evernote Fitness Diary


In order to improve, tracking our workouts is one essential habit we have to add to our daily routines. These are a few of several reasons:


Some people increase their training volume in huge jumps, likely resulting in injury or burnout, and other people stay stagnant at the exact same weights/sets/repetitions/miles/speed/etc for months and months and wonder why they aren’t seeing any progress. The principle of progression, one of the seven main principles of exercise, states that overload of exercise should occur in gradual progression rather than in major bursts. Keeping track of your workout will allow you to analyze your progression, as well as ensure that consistent, yet gradual gains are being made.

Injury Prevention:

In addition to ensuring you are making forward progress, analyzing your training will allow you to make sure that you are not overtraining. Overtraining too soon can result in both acute and chronic injuries, as well as lead to a dreaded case of burnout.


Logging your workouts will help motivate you to continue with your training plan. Knowing that must put in a workout before you can record your miles, reps, or WOD, or instead leave the page blank, can be enough incentive to get you out of the door. Further, physically seeing the mileage and weight add up on paper is motivation to continue making progress with your training.

Trial and Error:

After a particular success, it is useful to have a training log to refer back to in order to see what successful training tactics were used. Alternatively, after a disappointing or unsuccess event, a training log may reveal what errors were made during your training program. This works just as well for a successful training cycle in the gym where you made gains, or perhaps a training cycle you struggled through.



For ages, we´ve been using pen and paper, a simple notebook, where we´ve written every step of our journey, and we treasure those notebooks like gold for years.

Now, it´s time to move to digital notes and benefit from all the possibilities the digital world offers to track our effort.

⇒ Take it with you everywhere and keep track of your fit life on the go!

⇒ Not sure what kind of workout to do? There are free challenges right there in the notes. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

365 notes of trackers, calculators, challenges, playlists and motivation to compliment your fitness journey all year long.

⇒ As it allows you to edit the notes specifically to your needs, no more searching office good stores high and low for something that will work as a workout log.

The Evernote Fitness Notes aren´t  just fun they´re FUNctional!